Yes, I know I am 7 days late but it is all still so new so it does not matter.

Happy new year!

The last 3 months of 2015 were very eventful for me. To put it mildly, I did a lot of “adjusting”. Not only in obvious ways but also in not so obvious ones like my mindset, my expectations and my beliefs. It has been more difficult than I could have ever imagined and even now, I can say it is still an ongoing difficulty.

I came across a tweet posted by @OreFakorede on the 24th of December, 2015: You will look back in a few days and realise you never walked alone this year, not even when you were on wrong paths. Grace.

It pretty much summed up my 2015 and I am very thankful that I did not walk alone. Consciously and Unconsciously.

The past 6 days have somewhat been a blur and I think that is the harsh reality of time teaching me again and again that it will not wait for me to adjust or figure things out. It will not wait at all.

Lists are awesome but I am yet to make one. Do not get me wrong, I am fully aware of the things I must accomplish this year and I believe in making the vision plain but I have learnt that for me, it can quickly become about a piece of paper by which I measure my success than about the true purpose of each accomplishment and how I improve as a person. So in time I may make one but regardless, I am already on the road to my accomplishments.

However, there are 2 goals etched in my heart that I hope to accomplish this year:

1. To keep moving forward inspite of any  setbacks because I believe setbacks are necessary and inevitable. All through the year, I really just want to be in the business of picking up from wherever I leave off in the face of a challenge and marching forward. Dwelling on a challenge or setback does nothing for anybody and in this adult life, throwing non-stop pity parties are expensive.

2. To lose my religion. *cue dramatic music*
Let me explain. Growing up Christian and being Christian is a unique journey for each person. For me at different moments it has been beautiful, inexplicable, glorious, daunting, confusing, repetitive and exhausting. But soon after, beautiful and then exhausting once again. In life I think the first step to solving a problem is identifying it and I have identified that my problem in this area is the concept of religion that I have.  My faith is not wavering and I understand my beliefs but I struggle with the pageantry of it all. Serving in a church made it more difficult. I have realized that this is an individual, internal and personal struggle that has everything to do with me and not a church or group. So I want to shake off religion and know more about God in a way that is not marred by an obsession with doctrines and rules. A way that is simple, pure and honest not judgmental, critical and condescending. I think going through the motions is the saddest and most unfulfilling way to live. So this year, I want to lose my religion and establish the simplest, purest and most honest connection with God ever.

Happy 2016!

Feel free to share your thoughts/goals in the comments section.

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