Yesterday was Day 5 of the 63rd Annual Convention for The Redeemed Christian Church of God. It was awesomeeeee!!!

I had planned to attend with a friend but before we set out, we discovered that the program was going to be broadcast live on DSTV Channel 199 so we decided to stay in and watch it at home.

Watching this program reiterated to me the fact that God is alive and at work and that it is up to me to be a part of it.

I tuned in shortly before the testimonies began. The testimonies at the RCCG Camp Services are usually amazing but a particular one gave me chills. According to the woman, she and her husband had been trusting God for the fruit of the womb for 20 years. (I was like whaaaaat?!) She was a former member of one of the RCCG parishes in Ikorodu, Lagos but had moved. As a matter of practice, the General Overseer (G. O.) attends different RCCG churches to preach and worship with them. He was scheduled to attend a particular church but they wrote back to him saying that they were unable to receive him at that time. So the G.O. asked his Secretary to pick another church. His secretary picked the parish that this woman used to attend. One of the women in the church then informed the woman and her husband that the G.O. was coming to the church. So they rushed down to the church for the program. According to her, the church was so full that they had to sit outside. During his ministration, the G.O. told them that he had asked God why their parish was chosen and God told him that it was because of one particular person in attendance. The woman and her husband then claimed the proclamation by faith and believed that they were the ones he was referring to and that it was because of their situation that the parish was chosen. Afterwards, they went home, holding on to that belief. Two months later, she conceived!!! Carried by her husband and a friend as she gave her testimony were twin babies!!! A boy and a girl!!! It was amazing to see.

Another mindblowing moment was when the G.O. called out all the women who had waited on God and had been blessed with babies since the last two conventions in the last two years. The number of women that came out was jaw-dropping. They just kept coming and coming. Literally, like the waves of the sea. After sometime he asked them to just stay where they were because it seemed like they were never going to stop coming out! They were so many women and men with their babies!!! He then asked us to pray for them and after this they danced back to their seats.

Then there were mats laid out before the altar. The G.O. asked that all those who were carried in because they couldn’t walk should be brought before the altar and laid on the mats. They were so many! He then asked the ministers and pastors present to lay their hands on them and for the congregation to pray for their healing. As we prayed and hands were laid on them, one after the other they started walking! People that had been wheeled in or carried or used crutches were walking! It was beautiful to see!

After this, he preached the message for the day, tagged “The All-Sufficient God”. In a nutshell, he talked about how God is sufficient for ALL our needs whether physical, material or emotional. He also talked about how God can reverse the irreversible and is able to save to the uttermost. It was a short message but powerful and straight to the point.

After the word, the G.O. then asked that we pray the following for 5 minutes each:
1. Prayer of thanksgiving.
2. Father, give me the gift of healing.
3. Father, before I die let me win millions of souls into your kingdom.
4. Father, if you need only 3 divine treasurers, let me be one of them
5. Father, every opportunity I have lost, restore fully. Make my dry bones live again.
6. Father from this moment onward, surround me and my family with horses and chariots of fire.
7. Father, let me end well. For the rest of my life, no more sickness, pain, suffering and sorrow.
Lastly, he asked us to take 7 mins to pray to God for 3 major things that we wanted to be ready before the end of the year.

Then we danced and praised God and the service came to an end! It was awesomeeee!!!

The Convention is still ongoing as it is expected to end tomorrow, August 9th. Hopefully tonight’s program airs on DSTV Channel 199.

May God truly be to you, All-Sufficient.

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