Yes, this is a new category. I honestly felt like keeping a record of new things that catch my fancy from time to time.

So in honor of the last day in the month of June and in the order that I discovered them, here is the list of my favorite things for this month:

1. Tolu Akinyemi‘s Poems and Quotes (@Poetolu)

B0_uXORCcAA3Wuv.jpg large

Just look at the poetic greatness pictured above.

I was at a conference that held in the 2nd week of this month and during a lull tbh there was a boring activity going on, I took my friend’s phone and scrolled through her pictures for entertainment. Then I stumbled on some beautiful gems in form of poetry written by the extremely talented Tolu Akinyemi.

I am obsessed with his short poems and quotes. They are so thoughtfully crafted with words that convey a deeper meaning and cause you to pause and think. He just embodies beautiful writing that takes you on a journey which is exactly what writing should do. He is such an inspiration. For more of his greatness you can find him on Instagram: @Poetolu



2. There Was A Country by Chinua Achebe

This book is such a great gift to young Nigerians who have a secondary idea of the history of our great nation. I am far from finished and will do a review when I am but so far it’s been such an enlightening reading experience. It makes clear that the tribal tensions that have led to ethnic violence and bigotry even amongst young Nigerians today is a product of the failure by our first generation of leaders to unite us.

3. 4 Songs on Taylor’s Swift’s 1989 Album


Prior to this album, I was not a fan of Taylor Swift. I generally felt that unlike musicians such as Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood, she wasn’t the authentic country musician she professed to be. I also didn’t particularly care for country music (and still don’t) so I never bothered with her music.

Then along came a spider 1989,her fifth studio album named after the year of her birth and described by Taylor as her “first documented official pop album”. I’ve literally only listened to 5 songs on the album. Actually, 6 but the the 6th song doesn’t count because a friend was trying to get me to fall in love with the entire album and after a few seconds of that song (the title of which I don’t even remember), I wasn’t having it.

So in alphabetical order (because I honestly can’t decide the order in which I love them and I keep switching up the list everytime), my 4 favorite songs on 1989 are *drumroll*: Bad Blood, Blank Space, Shake It Off and Style!!! These songs are constantly on shuffle and I’m yet to get tired of them.

I know I said 6 songs and only talked about 5. The last one is Out Of The Woods. It’s actually pretty good too but I’m not in love with so it didn’t make the cut as a fave.

4. Zuhair Murad Bridal Spring Collection 2016


*Sigh*. Zuhair Murad is…*sigh*

As an avid BellaNaijarian (let’s pretend that’s a thing), I was scrolling through the website and found this collection of sheer beauty, elegance and perfection.

I’m not big on fashion but having stayed up late multiple times to watch a number of E! Live From The Red Carpet episodes and viewed an even more impressive number of Fashion Police episodes, I’m well acquainted with the stunning, delicately and intricately made pieces that have become the trademark of the fashion god that is known as Zuhair Murad.

For wedding dresses, I generally prefer a more fitted silhouette and do not particularly like ball gowns but one look at the picture above and I was just  in awe.

Every single piece in the collection is beautiful and perfect. Every. Single. Piece.

The picture below is more my style but you can see more of the collection here.

Zuhair-Murad-Bridal-Spring-2016-Collection 2

5. Pizza Dog

pizza dog

This picture calms me down!!! My goodness. Just look at this glorious baby!!! Anyone that knows me knows that I am a self-professed, card-carrying foodie and if you don’t know this then now you do.

I follow E! Online on twitter and they shared this genius creation by pizza-making giant, Pizza Hut. It is Pizza Hut’s brand new Hot Dog Bites Pizza. According to E!, “For just $11.99 you get a large, one-topping pizza that comes with 28 hot dog bites wrapped around the crust. We called it “the most American pizza ever created,” and when we got the chance to try it out, our stomachs cried out in joy.”

One of the reviewers added, “This pizza is what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they talked about the future of this great country.”

No I haven’t tried it but what I would give to be able to… All I can say is…Amen.

6. Mentos Mint

mentos 0007339000576_ALol. Yes. I currently can’t get enough of these chewy mints.

Please be advised that they cannot solely serve as a sufficient substitute for a gift but they will help me contain my anger at your failure.

-Signed, Management.

Please feel free to share your favorite things for this month in the comment section below.

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